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Amprobe True Rms Multimeter

The amprobe am-530 true-rms electrical contractor digital multimeter is perfect for those who need to measure real-time performance levels and conditions in projects. This digital multimeter has a 10-bit readout and is easy to use with a centralon-board write (on-board write), making it perfect for quickly measuring current and voltage levels. The multimeter also features an hot end protection, making it reliable and resistant to fire.

With Temperature
W/ Voltect

Deals for Amprobe True Rms Multimeter

The amprobe am-270 trms is a multimeter that features a bar graph display and rms multimeter behavior. This multimeter is perfect for industrial settings and is equipped with an alexander type iii safety margin.
the amprobe am-160-a trms multimeter with temperature is perfect fortests and other monitoring purposes. With its temperature-sensitive sensors, the am-160-a is perfect for testing and other monitoring purposes.
the amprobe am-140-a is a precision trms digital multimeters with pc connection. It features an outputter, a rms multimeter, and an emitter. The outputter is connected to the -V power supply and the -I data input, while the emitter is connected to the -R data input. The multimeters have a warm color and a one-year warranty.