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Amprobe Multimeter Tester

The ampobe cr50a is a hand-held resistance (hr) capacitor tester that uses a 50? s response time and a 0. 5 um response angle to be tested. The tester can be used to test capacitors and anker batteries. The tester can also be used to test single and multiple super-capacitors, providing the user with akers that can be used as power storage devices. The tester can be used with windows 10 or a macos candidate. The price for the tester is $40.

Amprobe CR50A Handheld Resistance & Capacitance Tester
Amprobe AMB-50 5000V basic insulation resistance tester
Amprobe AMB-45 Digital Megohmmeter / Insulation Resistance T
Amprobe BAT-500 Battery Impedance Tester
Amprobe 30XR-A Prof DMM with Non-Contact Volt Tester

Amprobe 30XR-A Prof DMM with

By Amprobe

USD $98.29

Amprobe AMB-25 Digital Megohmmeter - Insulation Resistance T
Amprobe AMB-110 High Voltage Digital Megohmmeters Insulation

Discount Amprobe Multimeter Tester Deal

The amprobe amb-505000v is a basic insulation resistance tester that goes a long way to keeping your math problems simple. It can proof your facts or figures during research or presentation, and it has a built-in resistanceometer that will give you a sense for how much resistance it will need to have against the other tests in the workshop. The multimeter also features an on-board computer with foundry control, so you can easily make calculations or measurements.
the amprobe amc-3 is a hand-cranked insulation tester that measures insulation and airflows. The tester has a reading accuracy of 10-2-2 and can read from -20 degrees celsius to +40 degrees celsius. It is reliable and easy to use, making it a great choice for temperature or pressure testing.
The ampobe amb-45 digital megohmmeter is a great way to measure and measure accuracy while living in. With its digital readout and visual indicator, the ampobe megohmmeter is perfect for quality control in construction, engineering or other critical areas.