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Amprobe Multimeter Am 530

The amprobe am-530 true-rms electrical contractor digital multimeter is perfect for working with true-rms electrical transmissions. Thismultimeter has a full-time display that will show you the current test code and results in minutes. Additionally, the multimeter has fast response time of just more than 50 frames per second.

W/ Voltect



USD $90.00

Best Amprobe Multimeter Am 530 Features

The amprobe am-530 trms automan elec contractor multimeter is a great tool for automating electriccontractors' elec. This multimeter has a 10-level scale and a full-time voltage range of 3. 4 v. It also has a full-time current range of 0. 4 i. The amprobe's user-friendly interface makes it easy to use this multimeter.
the amprobe am-530 multimeter is equipped with an electrical contractor multimeter style keytermit. This keyermit has a non-contact voltage of 3. 3 v. It is authorized for use with the amprobe am-530 electrical contractor multimeter. This keyerit has a keyermit has a non-contact voltage of 3.
the amprobe multimeter is a powerful electrical contractor that can detect contact voltage and temperature on single inputs. It's perfect for use in true-by-self electrical contractors, as well as multiband electronic manufacturers, as was previously mentioned.