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Amprobe Digital Multimeter

The amprobable digital multimeter is a high-quality instrument for industrial and commercial use. It features a 10a capability and is equipped with an automatic shut-off system to ensure long-term use. The multimeter is also night-time-able with a single-ended input and an accurate resolution of 0.

With Temperature

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The amprobe digital multimeter is a great tool for electricians who need to measure values accurately and quickly. The multimeter has a small, sleek design that is easy to use, and it can be used for free kickstart or detecting points in work sites. The multimeter can also be used to detect violations of safety regulations, like overloading orwasping.
the amprobepad 15xp-b is a new digital multimeter that has been completely redesigned. It is now smaller and morepointing, with a new digital readout that provides easily visible data on a scale from 1 to 5. The new multimeter also includes an accurate sound level meter, noise levelsmeter, and a digital voltage regulator.
the amprobe am-160-a trms multimeter with temperature is perfect for verifying the temperature of an article or product. The multimeter has a coolant system that ensures accurate readings without warming the unit up. The amperage system ensures constant performance while the temperature range can be programmed to meet your needs.